The 3% are mainly synthetic preservatives and fragrance components, which provide texture and durability. Why is this important? Texture is important to ensure that the ingredients bind properly and do not settle, resulting in a smoother consistency of the product whilst maintaining its effectiveness. The same applies to the preservatives, which ensure that the product remains effective and conserves the scent even once opened.

What makes pure97 special? 97% natural ingredients vs. ingredients of natural origin. We try to avoid chemical additives as much as possible. The remaining 3% non-natural ingredients are important for texture and durability. In addition, we have made sure that they are all from certified cultivation. We are 100% transparent in our communication. We do not use controversial ingredients. Our bottles are made of 50% recycled material and are 100% recyclable. We will try to improve this even more in the future, although we are already well above the current standard.

pure97 is mostly natural - not natural cosmetics.

If we were certified natural cosmetics, our name would have to be "pure100" and our products would have to consist of 100% natural ingredients. Natural cosmetics do not contain any preservatives. However, if you want to guarantee a certain durability then you have to add some preservatives - we deliberately chose this 3%. pure97 describes itself as a natural hair care product.

YES, they are 100% vegan.

Dry hair - Jasmine & Coconut Oil
Shampoo: YES
Conditioner: YES
Mask: YES
Cream oil: YES
Sachet Mask: YES

Normal hair - Gentian & Spring Water
Shampoo: YES
Conditioner: YES
Mask: YES
Cream oil: YES
Sachet Cream Oil: YES

Damaged hair - Lavender & Pine Balm
Shampoo: YES
Conditioner: NO
Mask: YES
Cream oil: NO
Sachet Mask: YES

Fine, flat hair - Wild Rose & Baobab
Shampoo: YES
Conditioner: YES
Lotion: YES
Sachet: YES

The pure97 products are manufactured in England (UK). The concept comes from Germany, where the company is based.

The pure97 shampoos are suitable for all hair types. Whether thick, thin, smooth, curly, light or dark. Pure97 responds to special needs with the following four types: 1) Lavender & Pine Balm for damaged hair 2) Gentian & Spring Water for normal hair 3) Jasmine & Coconut Oil for dry hair 4) Wild Rose & Baobab for thin, flat hair.

All shampoos: 2,95 €
All conditioners: 2,95 €
All Cream Oil: 4,95 €
All hair masks: 3,95 €
Heat Protection & Styling Lotion: 3,95 €
All sachets: 0,95 €

Pure97 has nothing to hide. That is why the packaging is kept transparent. Each product contains the specified minimum filling quantity. If the filling should somehow vary, then there is more product, but never less in the bottle. Of course, we adhere to the legal regulations: Ordinance on Pre-packaged Goods (Pre-packaged Goods Ordinance) § 22 Filling quantity requirements for labelling by weight or volume.


1. Massage two hazelnut-sized portions into damp hair with your fingertips

2. Rinse thoroughly



1. . Apply a portion the size of a hazelnut into the length of your hair

2. Leave in for 2-3 minutes

3. Rinse thoroughly


Cream oil

1. Rub 2-3 pump strokes in the hands

2. Apply evenly in the tips and lengths

3. Applicable in damp and dry hair


Hair mask

1. Gently massage into damp hair 1-2 times a week

2. Leave in for 4 minutes

3. Rinse thoroughly

At least 12 months once opened. While still sealed, at least 36 months.

Pure97 products last about as long as an ordinary shampoo. Since this varies greatly depending on hair length, hair texture and individual consumer habits, we at pure97 cannot make any precise statements. On average, a shampoo lasts up to one month with German consumers.

When using the pure97 shampoo, as with any other shampoo, eye areas, facial areas and body should be left out. It is only suitable for external use on the hair. The pure97 shampoo should only be used as recommended on the packaging.

In principle, all ingredients are of natural origin, but only those derived directly from organic elements are really natural. For pure97 we have chosen 97% natural ingredients that come directly from nature and whose structure is not changed. This clearly distinguishes them from ingredients of natural origin.

Naturally resourced:
The starting point is a natural ingredient that is chemically modified to deliver the desired performance. An example would be an emulsifier such as glyceryl stearate. The starting material is palm oil; the end result is something that holds palm oil and water together in a lotion.

Natural ingredients:
These are taken from nature and refined, but without chemical modifications. Vegetable oil, for example, is obtained by crushing seeds. The vegetable solids are filtered out.

Silicones: NO, 0%

Parabens: NO, 0%

Mineral Oils: NO, 0%

Dyestuffs: NO, 0%

Lilial: NO, 0%

ALS: ammonium lauryl sulfate and SLS, sodium lauryl sulfate are both anionic surfactants. ALS and SLS are often confused or equated. Our products contain ALS. Surfactants are effective cleaning agents and help to remove fats and oily substances from the hair with water. For decades sulfates have been the focus of critical parties, although they are an incredibly efficient grease remover and produce a huge amount of foam. They are considered environmentally friendly, because they biodegrade quickly and do not normally cause allergies. Sulphates are recognized by the Asthma and Allergy Society in all countries and are therefore used in most shampoos, sanitary cleaning gels, dishwashers etc. to dissolve fat most effectively. ALS is often considered to be of concern, but no negative effects on skin and hair are known. On the contrary, ALS has been found in irritation tests to be significantly milder than alternative surfactants. ALS is a natural substance and is extracted from palm oil - which is often criticized and is the main reason for its negative reputation. However, we only use certified palm oil.

Of course, our pure97 products do not contain anything that is classified by the EU as harmful to health or carcinogenic. There is no scientific evidence that any material used in pure97 is carcinogenic. All products have passed the EU regulations on cosmetics. A patch test shows that they are skin-friendly and have been approved independently by one of the world's leading safety authorities with more than 30 years of experience. Our ingredients are subject to the highly regulated regulatory authority of the EU.

Polyquaternium (or Polyquats for short) have no relation to silicones: Polyquaternium is a family of conditioning ingredients for hair care. Hair, no matter in which condition, has a negative charge. The more damaged it is, the more negatively it is charged. Polyquats are positively charged and adhere to the hair. They are attracted wherever the charge is most negative. They bind to the hair and provide targeted conditioning where it is most needed. We find the activity of polyquats to be smoother, easier to comb and less susceptible to static, moistened hair. Polyquaternium-10 is a naturally derived cationic conditioning polymer. The starting material is wood pulp (pulpwood) and/or cotton. It is not irritant and compatible with a variety of surfactants.

We do not have panthenol in our pure97 products, except Wild Rose & Baobab shampoo, heat protection & styling lotion.

Yes, they are without coconut diethanolamide - We do not use coconut diethanolamide.

Yes, it contains coconut oil. This is also clear from our list of ingredients: Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Coconut Oil.

We would advise you to have an allergy test carried out on the ingredients contained in our products. The ingredients we use are very kind to the skin and we have carried out dermatological tests on all our products. None of the dermatological tests performed were negative. The products have all been classified as harmless and harmless. No allergies have occurred in three large-scale product tests, including one on dm itself.

It goes without saying that we take your concern very seriously and will intensively investigate this incident. Could you send us the badge code number of your product. (This is a small black number which can be found on the bottom of the bottle or product.) If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time: info@pure-97.com.