Get to know our team

Like all pure97 products, the team behind the brand is 97% natural and 3% performance. Get to know the pure97 team and discover our 3%.

Lea, heart of the brandSo much can happen in one day. Be it at work, with friends, family, hobbies, or just on the tram. There's always something going on. And that's what I love. What's most important to me is taking each day as an opportunity to experience something new.

My 3%: My friends
Jasmine and Coconut Oil Hair Mask

Svenja, voice of the brandI usually make gut decisions. I'm not the type to overthink. The core aspects have got to be right. This attitude of mine is reflected in my behaviour as a consumer: a product will win me over at first glance if I can see it will fulfil my needs. I don't need a lot of 'extra' things, simplicity works for me.

My 3%: My hair
Gentian & Spring Water Hair Oil

Karo, brand designerI take impressions from everywhere I go, for me, not only is the appearance of something important, but so is the smell  and feeling. I develop such a deep feeling, when I put my headphones in and look into the distance, taking in my surroundings and wandering into a dream. Finding something that makes me happy on so many different levels is the biggest challenge for me, but also the most wonderful challenge.

My 3%: My headphones
Gentian & Spring Water Shampoo

Kristina, head of the brandEveryday there's a new update, new ideas, new possibilities. I would love to be everywhere at the same time. My family gives me that balance, when I come home in the evening. It's this combination of drive, structure and serenity that keeps me pure.

My 3%: My children
Lavender & Pine Balm Hair Mask

Nora, creativeFor me, peace and harmony are so important, as they give me an opportunity to develop my creativity. This type of balance and strength I draw from my home, a small apartment in the city, together with my boyfriend or in nature. Our environment and the world we live in are very close to my heart and I always want to be aware of the resources I use.

My 3%: My creativity
Lavender & Pine Balm Hair Oil

Grace, product geniusPersonally, I appreciate it when people are straight forward. To be able to express your opinion is the be-all and end-all for me. But, I don't want to be too serious! On the contrary - I want to put my personality and humour at the forefront of my life. And with these qualities I approached the development of this product recipe.

My 3%: Going on runs
Gentian & Spring Water Shampoo

Judith, online-guruI love to be outside with nature and I enjoy the feeling nature gives me - peace and energy. Sometimes the city can be suffocating and I long for meadows and forests for completely different kind of 'noise'.  When I'm outside I find my inner peace - which makes me feel powerful.

My 3%: The English Garden in Munich
Jasmine & Coconut Oil Hair oil

Sonja, experience creatorHonesty, transparency and credibility are the most important things to me and I expect my friends and family to cherish these values too. I believe that what we expect from others should start personally from within. That's why I value pure97, because of its transparency and honesty with regards to its ingredients. It's a brand you can trust.

My 3%: The Alps
Lavender & Pine Balm Conditioner