Discover pure97, the vegan hair care brand! pure97 prides itself on being 100% honest and transparent with its customers. Everyday, the world moves a little faster, and all we want amongst the daily flood of information and advertising promises are clear and honest statements. No false promises. No hidden ingredients. And that's exactly what pure97 stands for. Our vegan hair care products consist of 97% natural ingredients and the other 3% are solely added for texture and durability. pure97 is 100% silicone-free, paraben-free, gluten free, free from mineral oils, and our bottles are made from 50% recycled materials. Good for you and the environment.


pure97 lives by the motto 'I have nothing to hide, nor does my shampoo.' That's pure97, that's us, traditional nature meets modern zeitgeist. The effect of delicate flowers is complemented by strong, natural, active ingredients. The result:

Our three hair care lines

97% natural

100% me

We at pure97 want to evoke 100% honesty and transparency with our silicone-free hair care products. Together as a team, we have created a hair care brand that is great for you, and also for the environment. Discover the team behind pure97 and let yourself be inspired by all the different personalities. We have nothing to hide, nor does pure97.

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